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Our product

It's pretty simple, really: a box of French certified organic fruits and vegetables with a mix of the best in season. As soon as the fresh produce touches down in Singapore, the box is prepared and delivered to you the same day. We aim to bring to you produce that has been picked up less than 4 days before. No storage, no leftovers, just original goodness and preserved nutrients.

Order by Monday night and get your free delivery on Friday afternoon.

Real organic food. As it should be.


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Certified Organic

All our products are certified organic in France or/and in Europe. We believe that eating organic food is the safest way to reduce our exposure to pesticides, chemical fertilizers and heavy metals. This certification requires very strict specifications and all crops are tested every year by independant organisms. The organic certification is only obtained after two years of cleaning the soil, bans usage of synthetic fertiliser and limits organic fertiliser. The crops must rotate so as to enrich the soil naturally. All crops are grown from organic, non GMO seeds and must be actually planted (no hydroponic allowed).


Fresh and potent nutrients


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Fresh and in season

We live in a country with almost no farming land: our food is imported with long transportation, storage and sitting on shelves time. We sometimes wonder how many of the precious nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals are left when it reaches our plate. Many of our health issues are caused by nutrients depletion. Our purpose is to cut it short: our produce is getting to you within 24 hours of boarding the plane to Singapore. Our suppliers guarantee daily arrival of fresh produce and we choose only French or Italian produce so as to limit transport and maintain freshness. We aim to bring you the preserved nutrients of produce picked up just 4 days earlier


Taste of childhood memories


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Real taste of nature

We all have our madeleine de Proust: a taste that brings back precious memories of childhood and good times. The tanginess of a tomato with just a pinch of salt, the flavour of a fig melting in your mouth, the scent of a ripe melon. We like simple things and believe that you will too. We strive to bring all those natural sensations and childhood memories back. No additives needed, just as it should be.