What is your shipping policy?

We only ship in Singapore. Delivery is free for each box purchased. The fresh produce is delivered in a wooden crate box: we ask that you return your old box to the delivery man when you receive your new box. That way, we can recycle them and avoid the use of disposable materials.

What if I am not home?

As our produce is very fresh and perishable, we do not recommend to leave it in front of your door. You will be notified when the delivery is on its way and will be completed within 2 hours. Please contact us in advance if no one is home so that we can work out a better time together.

What is the source of the products?

Our products come mostly from France, because we like to keep it close and don't want our fresh produce to travel too much. During the winter months, we may need to extend to Italy or Spain to maintain variety, but then we search for Demeter products, which is the most restrictive Organic label in Europe.

Is it really organic?

Yes, it really is. We have all the certifications. Feel free to ask for them at adriana@thegreengirl.sg. When possible, we go out of our way to select greens and producers that are certified Nature et Progres or Demeter, that are even more restrictive than the French organic label.

How do I order wholesale?

We are very pleased to accomodate your request. Please contact adriana@thegreengirl.sg.

Any other questions?

Still wondering? Please contact us at adriana_dim@yahoo.fr and we'll help!