Fig jam - low sugar

I love figs in all their forms: fresh, dried, in a jam, in a pie, on a cake, with some goat cheese. Truly the fruit of gods!

This reminded when I used to cook fig jam with my grandma when her fig tree was giving so much fruit that we were inviting neighbours to come and pick some. Everyone would come with their bucket and the street would smell of fig jam for the following days as everyone was preparing them for winter. the simple joys of childhood in Communist Bulgaria in the 80’s.

The smell of this is just divine! Here is the recipe if you fancy some homemade jam.


1 kg fresh figs

150g coconut sugar

1 vanilla pod

Juice of one lemon


How to

Wash the figs, pat dry and remove the hard stalk

Pierce each fig with a chopstick

Arrange in a pan (if possible cast iron)

Add the sugar, vanilla pod sliced lengthwise and the juice of the lemon

Cook covered at low simmer for 4hrs.

Remove lid and cook for one more hour or until juice has thickened.

Allow to cool and store in jars.

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